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The Bach

96-98 Hoxton Street, Hoxton, N1 6SG
3.5 out of 5.0 stars


Three-Stacked Pancakes with Banana & Bacon 🥞

The bach only has 2 branches in London, but bach (pronounced as “Batch”) is a small, modest holiday beach house. Baches are an iconic part of New Zealand lifestyle, history and culture – but also a great place to unwind and it is! The Hoxton Store is very chilled, relaxed and has got a fresh, clean look.. great environment to grab a coffee or quick grub meal!😋

I decided to get some pancakes today.. Bach Style. Didn’t take too long to arrive (which is always a bonus) and was served 3 Stacked! The smell of pancakes is always comforting and this was no exception! With my pancakes, I decided to throw in the extra bucks to get some bananas and bacon as an additional and I was glad that I did that! 😋 

The pancakes were fluffy, delicate buttery! The maple syrup was quite warm, which complemented the hot pancakes perfectly!

Drizzled on top, covering the them in a brown, thick and sweet blanket😍

The added bacon was so sweet! UGH🤤🤤 I definitely want this again!😍

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